A-170 (Santa Ana)

$ 129,380 
We don't consider our smallest grand piano to be a 'baby grand,' simply because it has garnered numerous 'Best in Class' honors, indicating that the sound is far larger than the instrument's appearance. The A-170's extremely wide design enables for the use of exceptionally long bass strings, which is a fantastic achievement in terms of manufacture. It is the only top-rated salon grand piano that distributes vibrational energy in the same way that a concert grand piano does. Its tone is not thin and metallic (or 'tinny'), as is typical of tiny grand pianos, due to its bass bridge design (i.e., without apron and base).
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    in x
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  • Weight
$ 1,000 
We require a $1,000 deposit to reserve this piano. By clicking the deposit button you are agreeing to reserve this piano for purchase.  After your deposit is received, someone from our team will reach out to you to answer questions and go over payment and delivery details.
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