Steingraeber E-272

$ 295,320 
Many pianists regard the Steingraeber concert grand E as one of the most independent top constructions on the market, as it is based on the design of its predecessor from 1895. The sound-reflecting frame wall, the beam/box notches, and the "incredibly pleasant" (quoting Cyprien Katsaris) musical mechanism are all unique features. Steingraeber was the only manufacturer to reduce the treble soundboard's sound surface and re-establish the traditional relationship with the short treble strings, which means the Steingraeber strings must travel 27 percent less wood weight! Even with softer intonations, this is rewarded with a present, singing aftertaste. "Nowadays it is hard to find anything better for the interpretation of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven," wrote Le Monde de la Musique, Paris, during the last test of 11 concert grands from all major manufacturers.Percussive registers for the twentieth and twenty-first centuries are also included, distinguishing the Steingraeber concert grand E from other great concert grands from other brands that mostly refer to the late nineteenth century.
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$ 1,000 
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